Homage to Ancestors

Homage to Susan Elizabeth Wood

Susan Wood-2

Susan E. Wood

I took my first and last painting class many years ago from the now renown artist, William T. Wiley.  Mr. Wiley did not teach technique; he felt each artist had to develop his own technique by experimentation.  I took my first design class from the late ceramic sculptor, Robert Arneson.  He simply said, “Go for it and make it weird!”  (My interpretation)  So for a good part of my life, I thought true artists were those people who never learned technique nor followed the rules, but just created their unique style from within.  Technique has always been important to me, so I always felt I could never be a true artist.

Lucky for me, when I decided about ten years ago to try metalsmithing, I had the good fortune to take several classes from Mendocino metal artist, Susan Elizabeth Wood.  Susan was a wonderful teacher, showing her students precisely how something is done.  Her work was so technically exquisite, inside and out, and absolutely perfect. 



Nothing was left to chance.  She expanded my concept of what an artist could be.

Absorbing Susan’s love of precision, attention to detail, and technicality, I made “Sunshine.”  The last time I saw Susan before she passed away, I was able to wear this bracelet and show her what I had made, using what I had learned from her and adding my own touch!

“Sunshine” is fabricated from handmade jump rings of sterling silver and 18K gold wires.  The sterling silver box clasp has a reticulated silver top accented with 24K gold kuem boo.

Examples of Susan Wood’s Inspirational Craftsmanship


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